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Master the secrets found in this book and fuel the growth of your business. Many business owners have benefited from the strategies and have achieved great success from the topics outlined in this book.

Business owners must understand that their journey rarely is a straight line that trends upward.

This invaluable book is an ideal resource for those seeking to create a small business and also for owners of existing businesses who need effective strategies to operate a successful business.

This must-have resource offers practical strategies and proven steps to achieve success. The author will help you understand the building blocks for a strong foundation within your business. In addition, you will learn the concept and art of planning.

You will gain wisdom and knowledge, increase your financial literacy, and develop your business acumen to complete process of the art of planning, which is key to the true meaning of success.


“Robert M. Hackl’s “The Entrepreneur Within” is one of the most inspiring reads I’ve had involving the topic of entrepreneurship and professional development. I truly believe that the principles covered in this book will help individuals identify challenges, convert their mindset, and build a roadmap to help them achieve their future accomplishments. The key things that I took from this book include successful strategies to manage my finances, effective ways to operate a business, and tips on how to form essential habits that will help create a lifestyle of consistent success. This book is encouraging to all professionals seeking different ways to succeed and would highly recommend it to any business owner or entrepreneur!” Calvin Henry

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