Tax Preparation For Businesses

Business Tax Return.

One of the most critical elements of a successful business strategy is expert tax planning. Taxes for many businesses can be extremely complex, and our advisors will discuss the tax laws with you to ensure you understand and are compliant with the rules. Our industry veterans will work with you to plan, craft, and then implement the tax strategies that best fir your business, and to make certain your year-end corporate tax return is completed accurately and on time.

At the end of the calendar year, all corporations must complete a corporation tax return. Our staff will work as a partner with our tax clients to ensure the corporate tax return is completed accurately and on time. Our advisors will discuss the tax laws with the business owners to ensure understanding of the rules and to meet compliance rules.

Included in the strategic plan is a mid-year review to all our corporate clients to ensure that your business is on the correct path. At that time, we discuss the past year’s results and compare them to the current year’s trends and projections. After our team analyzes the data, they will suggest and implement tax-planning strategies to guide you along to journey through the business world.

Tax Preparation Services Include the Following items

  • Yearly tax preparation that includes the federal and state returns
  • Tax preparation for business clients
  • Tax planning strategies for business owner
  • Compliance rules and deadlines
  • Offer mid-year review
  • Compare current business trends
  • Discussion on the future year projections

Corporate tax returns are a summation of the results from the business activity. The results are then recapped in a Schedule K-1. Normally the corporate tax return is completed first, then we move to the individual tax return.

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